Japandi / hybrid of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian cozy; based on the philosophies of wabi-sabi and hygge. Japandi promotes calm, serene living.

Japandi is based on the philosophies of wabi-sabi and hygge. Combining these philosophies creates the Japandi fundamentals; embrace minimalism, nature, comfort and neutral colors.

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Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are calming, timeless and easy to style.

All neutrals, due to being easy to look at, commonly symbolize relaxation, neutrality, and tranquility.

Neutral colors are muted shades that appear to lack color but often have underlying hues that change with different lighting.

The four most common are black, white, brown and grey, and are created by mixing two complementary colors, making these to be considered 'pure' neutrals.

Neutral Color Examples

Whites, browns, blacks, greys, beiges, taupes, and surrounding variations.

Ways to Apply the Japandi Color Palette

The Japandi Color Palette is most commonly associated with the calming Japandi interior design style. Neutral colors absolutely help create calming spaces, making the Japandi style very desireable.

The Japandi Color Palette can be applied to rooms in a variety of ways; furniture, textiles, decor, window treatments, walls/ceiling/floor, and lighting.

In addition to interiors, the Japandi Color Palette is applied in a Japandi lifestyle. Japandi is lifestyle embracing minimalism, nature and natural materials meant-to-last, easy to intermix neutrals, and comfort.

Let's explore how the Japandi Neutral Color Palette can be applied to your interiors.

Japandi bedroom with layers of neutral textiles

Layering Neutrals

Layer different tones, shades or tints of neutrals to create a calm, serene Japandi interior. A calming neutral palette is inspired, timeless and creates a comforting environment. 

Ways to layer neutrals:

Japandi Colour Palette using warm shades of beiges to browns, inclusive of wood tones in natural materials, and neutrals on walls and window treatments. A black accent is used with the lighting. Nature is embraced with the natural light and greenery outside. Comfort is featured with soft layers to accommodate you through seasons. The space is clutte-free and minimal, focused on essentials.

Japandi living room with sofa and neutral color palette

Neutral Japandi Furniture

Japandi furniture will add neutrals to your interior. Japandi furniture features:

  • High-Quality Natural Materials
  • Minimal, Timeless design
  • Comfort in Materials and Thoughtful Design
  • Durability, Sustainability, Circularity, Meant-for-Longer
  • Celebrate Imperfections, Age, Wear-and-Tear

Japandi interiors should also be clutter-free and furniture should be essentials. Choose pieces with a focus on durability, comfortability and timelessness.

Layer different materials, textures and tones of your essentials to create a balanced, calming Japandi interior.

Japandi Colour Palette using various light shades, inclusive of wood tones in natural materials and a variety of neutrals with different textures in the textiles and furniture. These neutrals include beige, browns, greys and white. The greys are warm greys complementing the warm shades of browns. This Japandi space is calming and inviting, balances essentials with comfort and highlights natures beautiful imperfections.

Japandi living room with sofa and natural light, neutral color palette

Black Accent

Japandi interiors are calming. This can be created by focusing on the lighter neutrals; beige, grey, taupes, creams, whites. This lightness will be balanced by the colors of natural materials. Black accents are often included providing contrast and timelessness.

There are no hard rules; Japandi is an inspiration to help you find calm in a stressful world.

Japandi Colour Palette using light and warm greys, inclusive of various wood tones in natural materials and the addition of greenery with plants. The black accent in the planter creates a visual focal point, the dark curtains are functional creating a way to block light changing the space.

Japandi interior with plants, neutral color palette

Embrace Nature

In addition to neutrals, Japandi embraces plants, beauty in nature's imperfections, the color of natural materials and appreciates their wear-and-tear.

Include green plants (typically non-flowery) and natural materials (woods, stones, metals) when creating your Japandi interior.  Seek out wood furniture showcasing the beauty in the grain, timeless pieces meant-to-last (which helps reduce fast-product waste.)

Plants have mental health benfits including alleviating stress, depression and anxiety. Plants also increase focus and creativity.

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In summary, the Japandi Color Palette features neutrals and colors of nature. Be inspired and remember to celebrate imperfection. 😌

Japandi Supply House is dedicated to calm, serene living. Japandi inspires deep breathes and peaceful feelings. We curate the thoughtfully designed, harder-to-find, next level cozy in Japandi lifestyle and home decor.

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