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Japandi Color Palette

Japandi is a term growing in popularity. If you're unfamiliar with Japandi, it's a blend of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian coziness. It's a design style that creates minimal, serene, cozy environments.

What is the Japandi Color Palette?

Layers of neutrals, with black used as an accent and greenery from plants.

Neutral Colors

Colors are vitally important in Japandi design - so you'll want to stick to a neutral color palette. Neutral colors include white, brown, grey, beige, taupe, and  surrounding shades. Japandi is also inspired by nature - so be sure to include green plants (typically non-flowery) and natural materials (woods, stones, metals).  

Layered Neutrals w/ Black Accents

You can layer different tones of neutrals to create a unique and serene Japandi interior. A minimalist, neutral palette can come across as one-note – but layering the neutrals can be inspired and create comforting environments. 

Using neutrals on a feature piece can bring out its most beautiful imperfections - especially when set in a clutter-free space with a lot of natural light.

Japandi Room

Japandi room with layered neutral tones, greenery and black accents. 

Japandi neutrals are on the lighter side, so black (or near black) is used intentionally as an accent color. Black can be used in small amounts in decor, textiles, or a statement furniture piece. 


Japandi Color Palettes

Following are sample Japandi color palettes for your inspiration.

Japandi Color Palette Version 1 - Japandi Supply House

    Japandi Colour Palette using light and warm shades of beige, inclusive of wood tones in natural materials and the addition of greenery with plants. The black accent is suggested but not required.

    Japandi Color Palette Version 2 - Japandi Supply House

    Japandi Colour Palette using light and warm greys, inclusive of darker wood tones in natural materials and the addition of greenery with plants. The black accent is suggested but not required.

    Japandi Color Palette Version 3 - Japandi Supply House

    Japandi Colour Palette using very light warm shades, inclusive of darker wood tones in natural materials and the addition of greenery with plants. The black accent is suggested but not required.

    Japandi Color Palette Room Inspirations

    The Japandi color palette can be applied to rooms in a variety of ways - furniture, textiles, decor, window treatments, walls/ceiling/floor, and lighting.

    Japandi Bedroom with Pillows

    Japandi bedroom featuring layers of natural materials, black accent, neutral colors and soft textiles.

    Japandi Living Room with Tea

    Japandi living room focusing on comfortable seating and accessories made with natural materials.

    Japandi Bedroom with Plant

    Japandi bedroom accentuating minimalism and featuring layers of neutrals mixing beige and greys, and the inclusion of greenery.

    Japandi Living Room Cozy

    Japandi living room emphasizing the cozy with layers of soft textiles, bright natural light with layers of white and natural materials used in the furniture.

    Japandi Living Room with Couch

    Japandi living room with black accents, natural materials in the furniture, storage and artwork and neutral tones. 

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    Japandi Furniture

    For inspiration on your Japandi exploration, the Japandi color palette can be seen in these example pieces.

    Ash & Cord Accent Chair

    Ash & Cord Accent Chair / $929

    The Ash & Cord Accent Chair incorporates modern design with natural materials to make a stunning Japandi accent seat for any Japandi Room.

    Material/Color: Solid Ash Wood Frame | Natural cord Seat
    Dimensions: 30.5" x 27" x 42" (W x D x H)



    Seal & Cocoa Chair

    Lounge Chair - Seal & Cocoa / $599

    Minimalism and natural materials are featured in the Lounge Chair in Seal & Cocoa. Use as seating in a Japandi Living Room, Office or Lounge space.

    Color: Seal
    Material: Malaysian oak legs in cocoa color | Fabric (100% polyester)
    Dimensions: 28.5" x 30.5" x 30" (W x D x H)  | 15" SH



    Walnut Wood Table

    Walnut Wood Dining Table / $2159

    The Walnut Dining Table is a striking example of minimalism and natural materials and the perfect setting for a Japandi Dining Room.

    Material: Walnut solid wood base | Walnut veneer MDF top
    Dimensions: 78.5” x 35.5” x 29” (W x D x H)



    Matte Black Coffee Table

    Matte Black Coffee Table / $1279

    The Matte Black Coffee Table is the perfect black accent to your Japandi Living Room. Made with powder coated aluminum and marble, the table is sturdy, durable and has a minimal design. Top the table with your living space essentials or Japandi scents.

    Material: Powder coated aluminum and marble
    Color: Matt Black
    Dimensions: 31.5" x 11.8" (Diameter x H)


    Soft Cream Ottoman

    Soft Cream Ottoman / $899

    The Japandi Soft Cream Ottoman is cozy addition to any room. Use the Japandi Soft Cream Ottoman as a footstool, table or seat and add a comfortable softness in a neutral color to your room.

    Material: Boucle Fabric
    Fabric and Finish: Constructed of shaped polyurethane foam with 3 distinct dense layers. Structure is a wooden frame. Solid wood legs with black stain.
    Color: Cream/White
    Dimensions: 25" x 38" x 14" (W x D x H)



    Japandi Home Decor

    Black Base Bins

    Black Base Bins (Set of 3)  / $85

    The Japandi Black Base Bins (Set of 3) are a striking way to add natural contrast and the Japandi black accent to your space. Use for various storage needs and to bring natural materials into your room. The bins are made of the natural material, Jute, and are natural and black in color. The bins are sustainably handmade by Fair Trade artisans.

    Material: Jute
    Color: Natural and Black. Due to the handcrafted nature, slight variation will occur in design, color, and size.
    Dimensions: Small 6" Tall X 7" Round (Bottom) | Medium 7" Tall x 8" Round (Bottom) | Large 7.5" Tall x 9" Round (Bottom)



    Jute Baskets

    Jute Baskets with Handle - Natural (Set of 2)  / $139

    The Japandi Jute Baskets are Japandi in both function and in their natural material. These baskets are not only great for storage but can also be used to hold potted plants or rolled linens. The Japandi Jute Baskets are sustainably handmade by Fair Trade artisans.

    Material: Braided Jute
    Color: Natural. Due to the handcrafted nature, slight variation will occur in design, color, and size.
    Dimensions: Small 12" Tall x 12" Round | Large 14.5" Tall x 14.5" Round



    Wool Pebble Rug

    Handmade Wool Braided Rug - Neutrals  / $499

    The Japandi Handmade Wool Braided Rug - Neutrals is an easy way to tie a Japandi room together. Handmade wool with colors including blacks, whites, greys, and light shades of browns - this rug is a great example of the Japandi Neutral Color Palette.

    Material: 80% Felted Wool - 20% Cotton
    Color: Each rug is unique.
    Dimensions: 4 x 6 ft



    Un-dyed Organic Blanket

    Un-Dyed Organic Cotton Blanket  / $149

    Cozy up to this soft layer, the Un-dyed Organic Cotton Blanket. The blanket is unprocessed and free of chemicals from farm to family. Once laundered the fiber will blossom into an irresistible crinkled texture.

     100% Fair Trade and Certified Organic Cotton
    Color: Un-Dyed
    Dimensions: 60" x 75" when it arrives.  The grid weave will become more and more pronounced after a few washings until it is about 52" x 66". 



    Japandi Lighting


    Black Cone Pendant

    Black Cone Pendant Lamp  / $189 / $429 / $629

    The Black Cone Pendant Lamp incorporates both layered lighting and a black accent into your Japandi room. Available in 3 sizes with a slightly different cone shape, the Black Cone Pendant Lamp can add soft controlled lighting when used with a dimmer. Use larger pendants in rooms with ligher ceilings and larger square footage.

    Material: Carbon steel | Aluminium
    Color: Black Shade with Chrome Base
    Dimensions: Small: 9" Diameter | Medium: 21.5" Diameter | Large: 27.5" Diameter | Max Height: 70.8"
    Bulb: Not Included



    3-Globe Bubble Pendant Lamp

    3-Globe Bubble Pendant Lamp  / $359

    With soft colors and organic shapes, the 3-Globe Bubble Pendant Lamp is a calming light source for any Japandi room.

    Color: Gold

    Material: Metal + Glass

    Glass: Smoky

    Dimensions: 33.5" x 47" (D x H)

    Bulb: 3 x E26 40W (not included)



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