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Hi, we're Emily & Kevin Bishop - a married team based in Chicago. We found the Japandi interior design style when seeking ways to create calmness in our home and to alleviate stress and improve our mental health.

After researching the Japandi philosophies and fundamentals we found ourselves implementing Japandi into our daily lives. We had a vision to share how Japandi can inspire calm, serene living in your space, daily rituals and thought process - Japandi Supply House®.

We're a small team (the two of us :) and we're always evolving.

Reach out, let's talk Japandi. :)

Japandi Collage, Japandi Supply House

What We Value

Our values follow the Japandi philosophies and fundamentals. We seek out and embrace:

  • Minimalism & Simplicity
    less is better, reducing clutter helps reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • Timeless Design & Durability
    reduce fast product waste with pieces made-to-last
  • High-quality Eco-friendly Natural Materials
    appreciate nature's beauty and imperfections, wear-and-tear
  • Next-level Comfort
    materials and thoughtful design
  • Neutral Color Palette
    include inspiration from nature to create calming feelings
Collage of Japandi Products

JSH Store

We stock a limited, rotating inventory of Japandi favorites shipping from our base in Chicago. Currently we are an online store only, shipping internationally.

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Teddy Chair, House of Leon

Curated Collections

We curate Japandi goods from around the world to share with you. Our curated partners have unique Japandi goods and share our values of minimal and timeless design, high-quality natural materials meant-to-last and an emphasis on comfort through thoughtful design and material.

As associates to our partners, we earn a commission on qualifying purchases.


Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide. Please view our shipping policy.

Where are you located?

Our store base is in beautiful Chicago, currently we are an online store only.

What is Japandi?

Japandi is a hybrid of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian cozy. Japandi philosophies and fundamental promote calm, serene living. Learn more.