What is Japandi? An overview of the hybrid concepts which make up Japandi, the design aesthetics and materials.

What is Japandi?

Japandi is a blend of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian coziness.

Japandi is Both a Design Style and a Lifestyle.

Japandi Inspired Room

Example of Japandi design inspired room.

Japandi Tea Set

It's important to take a moment for yourself in the Japandi lifestyle.

What Makes it Japandi?

Japandi in design or lifestyle includes these fundamental elements.

Japandi | Minimal, Simple

Minimalism in Japandi design is the use of the simplest and fewest elements (furniture, décor) to achieve the maximum effect – a calming one. Minimalism in the Japandi lifestyle refers to getting rid of clutter and distractions, instead focusing on the essentials and what matters most in your life.

Japandi | Neutral Palette

Maintaining a simple, neutral color palette is key to Japandi. Layering neutral shades with your furniture, walls, floors, fixtures, décor and textiles creates open, calming spaces. Japandi lifestyle apparel utilizes neutral, layered pieces to create a simple, modular wardrobe.

Japandi | Cozy & Comfortable

Japandi is based, in part, on the Scandinavian concept of Hygge (more on that later). Japandi design embraces Hygge in using textile layers, fabric and scents to create cozy & comfortable Japandi rooms. Japandi lifestyle apparel features comfortable, multi-seasonal pieces.

Japandi | Embrace Nature

Japandi design and lifestyle embrace nature – a lot.  It embraces not only sustainability and natural materials, but also the imperfections in nature and life itself. Natural wear and tear, rough surfaces, patina and greenery are all beautifully Japandi. Japandi furniture is built from long-lasting real wood and metal, so it can move as you do (or recirculated to a new home) instead of ending up in a landfill.

What is Japandi Based On?

Two important philosophies combine to create Japandi: Wabi-Sabi and Hygge.

Japan | Wabi-Sabi

Wabi-Sabi is a combination of two old words.

Wabi – quiet, rustic simplicity

Sabi – finding beauty in old age and signs of wear

You’ve seen Traditional Western aesthetic - perfection, beauty, prime finish, etc. In contrast, Wabi-Sabi finds beauty in both life and physical objects not because they are perfect and everlasting, but because they are imperfect and transient. Imperfections aren’t a bad thing – they’re embraced.


Wabi-Sabi appreciates the imperfections in nature.

Scandinavia | Hygge

Hygge (hyoo•guh) is a Danish concept that can be stated simply as creating a warm, cozy atmosphere while taking a moment to enjoy the present moment. Hygge arose as a way to fight the boredom and sameness that come with the long, dark winters of Scandinavia. Hygge as a design aesthetic and lifestyle is the actualization of this comfort, relaxation, indulgence, coziness and contentment. 

Closeup of Blanket

Hygge embraces the idea of cozy and comfortable moments.

Why Japandi?

There are many soooo many benefits to Japandi in both design and lifestyle.

Calm & Serene

Japandi fundamentals in both design and lifestyle come together to create calm, serene rooms and feelings. Neutral colors, minimalism, greenery all reduce stress - so you’ll have a relaxed environment where you get some Hygge in.


Uncluttered - in lifestyle and design, Japandi strips away non-essential elements. Japandi interiors are furnished minimally - which creates spacious, simple (and beautiful) rooms. Japandi lifestyle follows a similar ethos - get rid of the clutter and focus on what really matters to you.

Mental Health

Mental health benefits from Japandi elements are well-founded.  We’re all spending much more time at home these days - creating a calm, simple retreat does wonders.  Bringing Japandi concepts into your lifestyle will help you focus on enjoying the here and now - removing distractions.

Good for the World

Japandi uses natural, long-lasting materials. Furniture is built for decades of use. Lifestyle products are also eco-conscious - from natural body care to modular apparel. Japandi focuses on using and buying better vs. more, which helps reduce stress on nature.


What Does Japandi Look Like?

Japandi interiors utilize new, reclaimed, handmade and original pieces. Japandi furniture and accessories are made of natural aging materials such as wood, natural stone and living finish metals (patinas). Wear and tear is embraced. Japandi rooms have a layered, neutral color palette and utilize black thoughtfully as an accent color.

Japandi Furniture

Japandi furniture design is simple, low-profile, and modern. Cozy & comfortable fabrics are a must - bringing the Hygge to your space. And bringing nature inside with greenery - potted or hanging – is a must.

Shop Japandi Living Room

Living Room

Japandi Home - Cookware & Accessories

Japandi Cookware & Accessories feature cookware designed for durability, made-to-last, with modern design. Japandi in the kitchen also looks like 100% compostable Swedish dishcloths, made to replace your sponges.

Shop Japandi Cookware & Kitchen Accessories

Eva Solo Cookware

Japandi Apparel

Japandi Apparel focuses on a collection with neutral colors, comfortable materials and minimalist design. Apparel collection is designed to mix and layer throughout seasons, creating a modular, simple wardrobe.

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Japandi Apparel

Japandi as a design style creates minimal, serene, cozy environments that you want to spend time in and bring contentment. Japandi as a lifestyle encourages you to simplify when/where you can and enjoy the moment - however small.


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