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Japandi Bookcases & Shelving are ideal for storage and display of your favorite treasures. Appreciate the imperfection and uniqueness of solid-wood shelving, the minimalism of a bookcase or discreet storage with encased drawers. 

Japandi Shelving Units and Bookcases can be an array of natural materials, and sizes and can be used in home offices, bedrooms, living rooms or any room.

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  • Dream 50" Bookshelf, Walnut

    Dream 50" Bookshelf, Walnut

    Check out the brass inlay on the legs. We love the play on open and enclosed space. It is the attention to detail that smartens the impact of your room. With 3 rows of boxed and open compartment shelving mixed. Its plenty of space to display your selected treasures.

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  • Urbane 51" Bookshelf, Walnut

    Urbane 51" Bookshelf, Walnut

    Earthy, classic American Walnut with round brass legs. This clever upright bar cabinet can be used in any room, where an elevated display unit is needed. It is a design-led piece, balanced with enough open space so it won’t dominate the room.

    $1197 | Shipping US & Canada

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  • Ladder 82" pc Shelving System, Walnut

    Ladder 82" pc Shelving System, Walnut

    Meet Ladder, the smart shelving system that will solve all your storage display dilemmas with style. Ladder takes its design cue from the 70's modernist movement with steps masquerading as shelves that float above supports. Use individually or build out a custom wall system with multiple shelving units to create infinite wall shelving systems tailored to your needs.

    $1797 | Shipping & Canada

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  • Dream 130" Entertainment Center 3 pc, Walnut

    Dream 130" Entertainment Center 3 pc, Walnut

    Those stunning middle century design que’s speak for themselves – and so we built the 3-pc Dream Media cabinet & shelving system out of classic American Walnut. The center media portion is set to entertain. A modern classic marriage of vintage lines, perfect proportions and plenty of storage & display space.

    $5297 | Shipping US & Canada

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