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Master Craftsmanship Kimono Haori Jacket Kimono Denim Jacket - Long Sleeve Haori Jacket Long Sleeve

Master Craftsmanship

Our quest to find the perfect Kimono jacket

We love the versatile Kimono jacket, so we went on a quest to find the best - meet Master Craftsmanship.

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  • Dining Room

  • Living Room

  • Bedroom

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The Japandi Dining Room collection includes dining chairs, dining tables, bar and counter stools and sideboards featuring minimalism, neutral colors, and natural materials.


The Japandi Living Room collection includes sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, accent chairs, meda centers and side tables to help you create a calm, serene space.


Create a Japandi sleep retreat with the Japandi Bedroom collection including the essentials - dressers, nightstands, side tables and poufs.


Gain focus and create positive energy in your work space with the Japandi Office Collection including desks, office chairs and shelving.

Dining Room
Living Room

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Learn how to make your own Japandi desk - it's easy and budget friendly. The Japandi 8' Standing Desk features minimal design and natural materials.

Make a japandi desk

Dig deep into Japandi with articles like What is Japandi?, Japandi Color Palette and Japandi Materials.

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We seek out and share products and brands we love. These are products we use in our homes, recommend to our families, and to you - our friends. :)

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Explore how to incorporate Japandi into your daily living.

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Japandi Living Room
noho move chair
Backdrop Neutral Shades Japandi Supply House Painting Living Room Painted Japandi living room using Backdrop paint


Our new favorite Japandi paint - Backdrop.

Backdrop is a company that believes in transforming spaces through paint. Check out our review as we try a Japandi neutral shade of Backdrop paint.

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I love this product is plant based. It looks fantastic in my shower niche!

Laura E.

Highly recommended!

Julia H.

Great! Quick turn around!

Jim B.

Awesome. A cup of purify tea in the afternoon is a great way to reset and recharge for the rest of the day’s tasks..

Heather B.

Thanks Japandi! Easy ordering/delivery

Jacqueline D.

Good for sensitive skin and the bars are larger than I expected.