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In this post we will review the paint company, Backdrop.

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About Backdrop

Backdrop believes in transforming spaces through paint. Their premium paints are low-VOC, Green Wise certified, and low-odor (it really is). Backdrop offers sample swatches, delivers to your door, and is the first climate neutral paint brand.

Backdrop Paint - Japandi Supply House
We love Backdrop Paint, check out below for the many reasons why!

And Backdrop cares a lot. Before they sold one can of paint, they partnered with The International Rescue Committee, a non-profit who supports families who have been displaced from their homes involuntarily.

Backdrop believes paint is a powerful tool of expression and can change as often as you do.

We Love Backdrop

We are in process of creating a Japandi Living Room that started out with teal walls (not Japandi). One of the first steps to Japandi any room is applying a Neutral Color Palette. An ideal and easy way to do this is with a fresh coat of paint. Especially if the room has not been painted recently, a fresh coat really livens a space.

Whether your room is dark and you want to lighten it, your room is already light but the walls show wear and tear, or your room is a neutral but you want to change it up a bit - you can reach to Backdrop Paint to bring stunning Japandi neutrals to your space.

Backdrop Neutrals  / Perfect for Japandi Rooms

Backdrop has an amazing selection of neutral tones that make it easy to create a Japandi room.

When looking for Japandi shades, check out Backdrop's Harvest Moon, Palo Santo, Morning Ritual, Moonlight and Moonstone as favorites - but explore as they have many neutral shades.

Backdrop Paint Samples

Neutral paint tones from Backdrop, perfect for a Japandi room. Photo from Backdrop website, no affiliation - we just love the product.

Backdrop Sample Swatches

Backdrop has these amazing sample swatches. They are basically a 12" x 12" sheet of your paint color with a light adhesive on the back. They stick to the wall to give you a broader idea of the color (no more little swatches) and they are easy to remove and use again in other rooms. The swatches are $3 each - but totally worth it!

Backdrop Paint Swatches - Japandi Supply House

Backdrop 12" x 12" Adhesive Sample Swatches are a great way to choose a neutral shade for your Japandi room.

Backdrop Delivers To You

Backdrop makes it super easy to paint as they remove a major pain point - going to the store to get the paint and supplies.

With Backdrop, everything is delivered to your home including paint and supplies.

Backdrop Paint - Japandi Supply House

Backdrop delivers the paint to your door - saving you the trip to the paint store.

Backdrop Paint & Supplies - Japandi Supply House

Backdrop also ships supplies - again, no reason to go to the paint store - save your time and start painting.

Backdrop Loves The Environment

Backdrop is also a paint you can feel good about. BackDrop is the first Climate Neutral Certified paint brand and their paints are Green Wise certified, low-VOC, and low odor. The paint is easy to apply, easy to wash.

Backdrop in a Japandi Living Room

Check out our journey with Backdrop as we apply the paint to our Japandi living room.

Japandi Tip !
If your ceiling is already light, has been painted recently, or is in good condition then don't paint it. Instead focus on walls for more impact.


Living Room Before - Japandi Supply House
The living room before painting.

Backdrop Paint Swatch Palo Santo - Japandi Supply House
After consideration our selection for a neutral base in the Japandi living room is Palo Santo.

Japandi Tip !
Look at your paint samples at different times during the day, the color may look different when a sunny morning vs. the evening.


Paint Calculations - Japandi Supply House
We chose one of the hardest rooms to paint - lots of windows and angles. Backdrop does have a tool for simpler rooms to help figure out how much paint you'll need.

Backdrop Supplies - Japandi Supply House
Backdrop also makes it easy with supplies - everything you need to paint is delivered to your door including paint tape, trays, brushes, rollers and roller pads.

 Backdrop Prep - Japandi Supply House
Prep is easy with Backdrop Painter's Tape - premium tape for clean, crisp lines.

Backdrop Primer - Japandi Supply House
Backdrop's primer is amazing. With only one coat of primer, this dark room was ready for paint. The primer goes on smooth and easy.

Backdrop Primer - Japandi Supply House
Check out what great coverage the primer has in this dark living room.

 Backdrop Painting - Japandi Supply House
After your priming work is dry, jump right into painting! We chose Backdrop's Palo Santo to lighten the living room and add a Japandi neutral base.

Painting with Backdrop - Japandi Supply House
The paint goes on smooth and has a very low odor.

Backdrop Paint in Living Room - Japandi Supply House

With only one coat you can see the transformation already.

Backdrop Paint - Japandi Supply House
Backdrop's paint can makes it easy to pour with a can designed for easy pickup and easy opening.

Backdrop Paint in Living Room - Japandi Supply House
After the second coat - a beautiful, smooth finish.

Plant in Living Room - Japandi Supply House
Check out the finished shade during the day (on left) and during the evening (on right). A stunning neutral shade for the Japandi Living Room.

We are still in process of creating our Japandi Living Room, but we can check off Neutral Color Palette thanks to Backdrop Paint!

Backdrop Paint is our recommendation for premium, enviro-conscience neutral shades to Japandi your room. We love Backdrop Paint!

Shop the new way to paint at Backdrop. Find your color, try the samples, and make it yours!



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