Add layers of neutral colors and hygge to your Japandi bedroom with cozy textiles. Blankets, bed lines, throws, pillows, floor cushions are all ways to add layers.

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Finding ways to bring comfort into your day can help reduce stress and improve mental health. ❤️

As comfort is different for individuals (because we're all special and unique 😌) we're showcasing ideas to create comfort in both warm and cool climates while exploring quality materials, meant-to-last.

We seek out the harder-to-find Japandi inspired layers of comfort at differing budgets. Buy better, buy less. Let's help each other and the planet. 🌱

Form & Refine carefully chooses natural materials from all over the world.

Form & Refine is a Danish brand that produces furniture and design objects, founded in 2018 by Helle Herman Mortensen, Jonas Herman Pedersen and Lasse Lund Lauridsen, based on a common vision: create a value brand that explores materials and preserves the planet and craftsmanship through an exceptional design philosophy.

Form & Refine carefully chooses natural materials from all over the world and transforms them into laboratories close to the place of origin, thus reducing the impact of CO₂.

Form & Refine textiles are available at Archiproducts, shipping worldwide.

Form & Refine Aymara Lap Robes

Form & Refine Aymara Lap Robes

Aymara plaid follows the traditions of Nordic design, made with the finest and purest alpaca wool from the highlands of northern Bolivia and produced by highly skilled artisans in Bolivia.‎ This combination results in a simple but exceptional product line.‎ The fabrics of the Aymara collection are available exclusively in the natural shades of alpaca wool, as they are not dyed, and are all knitted.‎

Available at Archiproducts, shipping worldwide.

Shop Form & Refine Textiles

As an Archiproducts partner, we earn from qualifying purchases.

“The design is inspired by our trip to Bolivia.‎ An interesting meeting with a rich and colorful culture with a long tradition and expertise within alpaca fibre.‎ The impressions and respect combined with the Nordic design background resulted in a textile line in soft colors and a graphic expression.‎” – Herman Stud

Form & Refine Aymara Lap Robes

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Avocado Mattress Alpaca Wool Throw

Alpaca Wool Throws

Sale $139 / Regularly $174

Sourced from a high-elevation meadow in the Peruvian Andes, Avocado Mattress' Alpaca Wool Blankets are minimal, high quality — and incredible warm. Made from 100% alpaca fiber, the blankets are incredibly soft.

Alpaca Wool Throws on Sale for limited time.

Avocado Mattress ships to the U.S.

Shop at Avocado Mattress

Comforting Throws for Differing Budgets

Japandi Sleep Essentials

Add layers of neutral colors and warmth to your Japandi bedroom with cozy textiles. Bed linens, duvets, comforters, pillows, floor cushions are all ways to add layers. We explore stellar brands offering next-level-cozy sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets & comforters.

Japandi Inspired Bedroom - photo Sunday Citizen

Sunday Citizen Perfects Cozy

Blankets for any climate are an easy way to add comfort to a room. Seek out high quality materials, timeless prints in neutral colors and meant-to-last.

We love Sunday Citizen for next-level-cozy comforters, blankets, sheets and throws. Their blankets are machine washable and environmentally focused. We love their softer-than-soft cozy layers.

Sunday Citizen ships to US & Canada.

Shop Sunday Citizen

Sunday Citizen brings the quality, the cozy, the comfortable with every product. 😌

Wave goodbye to tossing and turning, with lightweight sheets and covers to keep you cool all summer long. We reviewed Sunday Citizen products while creating a Japandi bedroom.

We received products from Sunday Citizen to review. As a Sunday Citizen partner we earn from qualifying purchases.

Sunday Citizen Summer Edit / Luxury Bedding

  • The Herringbone Snug Coverlet

    The Herringbone Snug Coverlet

    From $310 | Shipping US & Canada
    This bed topper features a Herringbone stitched fabric on top and Sunday Citizen's signature cozy Snug fabric underneath. With no filling, this coverlet acts as an extra layer for colder nights or as a light, standalone bed cover in the summer.

    • 🤩 Highly Recommended
    • Softer than soft, gentle warming, great for snuggles
    • Lighter weight than comforter, perfect for any season as a layer
    • Available in Off White, Cloud Grey and Taupe / Standard & King sizes

    Shop at Sunday Citizen
  • Natural Premium Bamboo Sheet Set

    Natural Premium Bamboo Sheet Set

    From $175 | Shipping US & Canada
    Two pillowcases and a fitted bed sheet made of viscose from bamboo. Sustainable, breathable, and oh so silky-soft.

    • 🤩 Highly Recommended
    • So soft, comfortable, cooling, durable
    • Made from Bamboo, breathable
    • Includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 top sheet (optional), 2 pillowcases
    • Available in Buttermilk, White, Moon and Taupe
    Shop at Sunday Citizen
  • Herringbone Snug Sham Set

    Herringbone Snug Sham Set

    From $120 | Shipping US & Canada
    These feel like laying your head on your favorite warm blanket and drifting blissfully off to sleep (every. single. night.)

    • 🤩 Highly Recommended
    • Super comfortable, soft shams
    • Makes it hard to leave your bed :)
    • Available in multitude of colors and in Standard or King Size
    • Machine washable with size envelope closure
    • $120 / Shipping US & Canada
    Shop at Sunday Citizen
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Eco-friendly Comfort 😌🌱

SIJO sets out to create sustainable sleep products conducive to quality rest, for better tomorrows.

Their commitment to exhaustive material research and vigilant sourcing results in a fleet of fabrics and fibers that are not only high-quality and high-performance, but are also ethically grown and manufactured, and environmentally efficient.

SIJO ships worldwide.


Why We ❤️ SIJO

We love that SIJO combines quality materials, thoughtful processes and science to create comfort for humans while caring for the planet.

SIJO is made-to-cool, made-to-comfort bedding available at friendly pricing, shipping worldwide. 🥰🌱

We received products from Sijo to review for this post. As a Sijo partner we earn from qualifying purchases.

SIJO / Eco-friendly, Premium Bedding

  • DOZ Bamboo Bed Blanket

    DOZ Bamboo Bed Blanket

    From $80 | Ships Worldwide

    Cozy up with Sijo's lightweight bamboo bed blanket, offering unparalleled softness and eco-friendly comfort.

    • 🤩 Highly Recommended
    • Budget friendly
    • Amazing light layer to keep you cool
    • Eco-friendly comfort
    • Lighter weight than a heavy blanket
    • Available in Snow, Fog, Dove & Forest / Standard, Queen & King sizes available
    Shop at SIJO
  • FluffBase Eucalyptus Pillow

    FluffBase Eucalyptus Pillow

    From $70 | Ships Worldwide
    Each side of the marshmallow-fluff-soft, breathable, down-alternative pillow is the cool side.

    • 🤩 Highly Recommended
    • Budget friendly
    • Super, super soft
    • Hypo-allergenic
    • Eco-friendly comfort
    • Available in Snow, Fog, Dove & Forest / Standard, Queen & King sizes available
    Shop at SIJO
  • AiryWeight Eucalyptus Pillowcase Set

    AiryWeight Eucalyptus Pillowcase Set

    From $45 | Ships Worldwide
    AiryWeight pillowcases are supremely soft and naturally cool to the touch; plus, they're the perfect complement to the FluffBase Pillow.

    • 🤩 Highly Recommended
    • Budget friendly
    • Cooling, really helps keep head cool during sleep
    • Eco-friendly comfort
    • Available in Snow, Fog, Dove & Forest, Blush, Storm & Sky / Standard/Queen & King sizes available
    Shop at SIJO
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Girl napping, photo by Annie Spratt

Sleep is an essential function that allows your body and mind to recharge, helps the body remain healthy and stave off diseases, and allows the brain to function properly. 

photo / @anniespratt

With sleep being so important, we should try to create the calmest, most restorative space we can to rest. Japandi embraces minimalism, nature, neutrals and comfort and Japandi bedrooms can be created on any budget.

Love yourself and nurture yourself with a calming Japandi sleep retreat using comfortable, neutral and natural layers with timeless design to bring hygge into your serene space. ☺️❤️

Japandi Supply House is dedicated to calm, serene living. Japandi inspires deep breathes and peaceful feelings. We curate the thoughtfully designed, harder-to-find, next level cozy in Japandi lifestyle and home.

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Japandi Curated Bedroom Furniture

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