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How to Create a Japandi Bedroom

In this post:  Japandi Bedroom Design Tips to create a calming sleep retreat and the associated health benefits.


The average person spends 33 years in their bedroom - 26 years sleeping + 7 years trying to get to sleep. That’s a lot of time!

Sleep is an essential function that allows your body and mind to recharge, helps the body remain healthy and stave off diseases, and allows the brain to function properly. 

Person Sleeping

With sleep being such an essential component to overall health and the amount of time we spend in the bedroom, it makes sense to take a close look at this space.

What can be done to create a comfortable, calming Japandi Bedroom sleep retreat?

Create a Calming & Comfortable Japandi Bedroom

Remember the fundamentals of Japandi design:

  • Minimalism
  • Neutral Color Palette
  • Cozy & Comfortable 
  • Embrace Nature

Japandi is based on the philosophies of Wabi-Sabi (nature and minimal) and Hygge (cozy). Combining these philosophies and design fundamentals creates Japandi spaces.

We're currently in the process of creating a Japandi home - and this is how we approach each room.

5 Simple Steps to Japandi Any Room

  1. Assess and Clutter-free
  2. Neutral Color Base
  3. Add Minimally
  4. Cozy and Comfortable
  5. Embrace Nature

1. Assess and Clutter-free

The first step is to assess your space. Whether the room is large or small - the following applies to both.

Take time and take everything out of the room except essentials. Essential items include furniture that'll stay in the room, fixtures, window treatments or wired lighting.

Everything else should be cleared out - giving you a fresh view of the space, opening your mind to the concept of less, and a freedom of room arrangement.

Bedroom Empty - Japandi Supply House

Remove everything but essentials from your Bedroom.

Be ready to let things go. Having clutter-free spaces does wonders for you mentally - it's very calming.

Excess Items

Have excess furniture and home goods? This is a good thing.

• Reuse items in different rooms in your house/apartment
• Donate them
• Sell them for cash and use funds for something new 

Furniture Sold

This sideboard was used as a media stand and for storage. This was an excess item - it sold for $150.

Japandi Bedroom Design Tip
With everything clutter-free, this is a great time for a deep clean. It's easy when the space is empty.

Once clean and clutter-free, spend time in the room - take a fresh view of your space and move on to creating a neutral base.

2. Neutral Base

Japandi creates calm and serene spaces - rooms you want to spend time in. A neutral color palette helps achieve this.

How do you add neutrals to your room? Look at the room from top to bottom. Ceiling, walls, windows, floors. What can be done to lighten the room?

Japandi Bedroom Design Tip
Japandi is not about a bright white room - it is about layers of neutral shades coming together to create a calm, serene space.


Walls & Ceilings

This is an ideal time to paint if your walls & ceiling have not been painted recently.

In this bedroom, the walls and ceiling were painted white within the last two years so we didn't paint here. But, if you are painting, check out the before & after pics of a Japandi living room here featuring our favorite - Backdrop paint.

Bedroom with white walls
The bedroom was recently painted white including walls, ceiling and door.


Other ways to bring neutrals into the room are to refurbish vs. replace.

At almost 100 years old, this radiator cover shows signs of wear and tear. Usually that's a nice Japandi thing, but this one was painted previously and needed some love. Instead of replacing the radiator cover with a new one -  we refurbished it.

A fresh coat of paint brought in neutrals and brightened the space.

Radiator - Japandi Supply House

This radiator cover is almost 100 years old and shows signs of wear and tear.

Refurbished Radiator - Japandi Supply House
Instead of replacing, the radiator cover is refurbished - breathing new life to the piece and adding a layer of neutral color.

Japandi Bedroom Design Tip
Instead of replacing - consider refurbishing! It's budget & waste friendly.


The bedroom has a neutral base including walls, ceiling and refurbished fixtures. Next we add items to our room carefully, intentionally and minimally. Every piece should serve a function - even if it simply makes you smile.

3. Add Minimally

Minimalism is fundamental to Japandi.

Minimalism / Design
Using the simplest and fewest elements to create the maximum effect - in Japandi that's a calming one.

Minimalism / Lifestyle
Removing clutter and distractions - to focus on essentials and what matters most.

Create a calm, serene space by keeping the room free of distractions. 

Japandi Bedroom Design Tip

Move furniture around, don't be afraid to change the placement of your room. Adjustments can make your space feel new.


How Do You Add Minimally?

  • Prioritize the Essentials
  • Add Slowly
  • Keep Free of Excess and Clutter

In this bedroom we included these essentials:

  • Bed / Purchased Floyd
  • Side Table / Refurbished
  • TV Stand / DIY
  • Mirror / Already Own

Next we explain how to take a look at the essentials.

Bed / Purchased from Floyd Home

The bed is an essential item. The Floyd King Bed with understorage is the bed added to the room. This is an amazing bed! No affiliation.

Side Table / Refurbished

Refurbished Table
This wooden table was refurbished with black stain creating a Japandi Black Accent for the room.

TV Stand / DIY

 Media Unit Japandi Supply House

This media unit was made with wood boards and additional hardware from the bed frame. Painted white, it adds a light neutral to the room.

Mirror / Already Own

Mirrors can make a room look larger by creating the illusion of space. Mirrors bring good energy to a room and maximize the lighting.

Mirror in Room

Mirror used for function and lighting.

Now that we have the room essentials, we can move on to making it cozy & comfortable.

4. Keep it Cozy & Comfortable

Hygge is a core philosophy in Japandi - it's a mood of coziness and feeling of wellness.

How do you create a cozy & comfortable Japandi room? Incorporate soft textiles, layered lighting and be sure to remember scent.


Bring in soft layers with throws, blankets, pillows, and rugs.

Japandi Bedroom Design Tip

Cold Climate / Have plenty warm layers
Warm Climate / Comfortable means cool and lighter weight textiles

After seeing how the room is coming together and feeling what is missing to make this a comfortable, cozy space - we determined we needed to add a rug and pillows.

Rug / Sandstorm Rug 5' x 7'

Handmade Pebble Rug - Sandstorm

The Japandi Handmade Wool Pebble Rug in Sandstorm brings light, warm tones to the room. Textured felt pebbles add a visual accent and create a soft tone. Handmade with felted wool and cotton the colors are shades of greys, browns and whites. Shop Sandstorm Rug

Pillows / Parachute

Parachute Lumbar Pillow
The Parachute Nomad Lumbar Pillow Cover adds minimal, simple design and soft neutrals and textures to the room. Photo from Parachute website, no affiliation.

Parachute Bolster Pillow
The Parachute Bolster Pillow adds function for lounging and soft neutrals and textures to the room. Photo from Parachute website, no affiliation.

Parachute Bolster Pillow Closeup

The Parachute Vintage Linen Bolster Pillow Cover in Antique White adds beautiful texture to the room. Photo from Parachute website, no affiliation.

After textiles are added to the room move on to lighting.

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting refers to placing light at different horizontal planes in the room, giving the space multiple ways to add light and set moods.

Assess Your Lighting

Be aware of your bright natural light and where you need to add soft, artificial light for both mood and function. 

Look at your room - what light is needed for function? What light would enhance mood?
• Lighting can be ceiling, wall, table or floor.
• Consider your natural light - windows and mirrors.

Japandi Bedroom Design Tip

Dim and indirect light encourages relaxation, while bright direct light activates the brain.

Lighting for Japandi Bedroom
• Central Light / Pendant
• Natural Light / Windows
• Natural Light / Mirror
• Mood Lighting / Table Lamp

Central Light / Pendant

Pendant in Room

For this room we wanted a larger light fixture, with a texture, in a neutral color, and organic shape. These characteristics led us to this pendant light.

Natural Light / Windows

Blackout Curtain

Window treatments control the amount of natural light and in addition to function, can be used to add notes of comfort.

Shoji Panels - Japandi Supply House

Shoji Window Panels, designed & hand-crafted by Japandi Supply House.

Designed and crafted by Kevin Bishop, these Shoji Window Panels create a stunning visual centerpiece and also the most beautiful, soft light during day and night. The Shoji Window Panels are hand-crafted and built to custom measurements, with authentic Shoji paper.

Natural Light / Mirror

Mirror in Bedroom

Mirror used for function and lighting.

Mood Lighting / Table Lamp

Lamp and Plant

The Quiet Corner Table Lamp features two lighting shades and a touch turn on. The lamp emits a calming, soft glow.

Now we have a calm, serene room allowing for various ways to control the mood through lighting.


Scent is essential in creating a cozy & comfortable mood. Add scent to your Japandi room with incense, candles or diffusers.

Japandi Bedroom Design Tip

Incense / Bolder, heavier scent - use in large rooms.
Candles / Softer scent - ideal for small to medium spaces.


Hygge Candle

This Hygge Candle adds a soft nature-inspired scent to your small to medium Japandi rooms. We love its warm scent with subtle nature notes.

Palo Santo Stick

Have a larger room? These Palo Santo incense sticks are hand-rolled and double thick with a 45 min burn time. They create a long-lasting, inviting scent for your larger Japandi room.

5. Embrace Nature

Japandi design and lifestyle embrace nature - a lot. It embraces not only sustainability and natural materials, but also the imperfections in nature and life itself.

How do you embrace nature in your Japandi room? Bring in plants and natural materials.


Plants make a room feel alive and there are so many benefits to houseplants.

Houseplant Benefits

  • Improve your mood
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Lower stress and anxiety 
  • Improve performance and focus 
  • Boost healing and pain tolerance
  • Minimize headaches by improving air quality 
  • Ease dry skin and respiratory ailments due to dry air

With plants, apply the minimalism approach - add slowly. Before you purchase a plant - look around. Do you have an existing plant in this room or another room or outside that would look great in your Japandi room?

Use Plants You Have

Monstera moved from another room and repotted.

This beautiful Monstera plant was in a different room - the new lighting in this room made it an ideal spot for the plant. The pot was sourced from Etsy and is made of recycled materials and is surprisingly light weight and allows for drainage. Love this pot, no affiliation.

Buy Plants


Photo from easyplant website, no affiliation - we just love the product.

Looking to add new plants to your Japandi room? Whether you have a green thumb or not, check out easyplant.

Easyplant creates plants that water themselves. Other greatness:

• Beautiful, live indoor plants
• Potted in simple, self-watering ceramic pots
• Delivered to your doorstep in safe packaging (really traveled well!)
• Water every 2 months
• Available in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large & Huge
• Each size has different plant species and each plant pot is available in different colors

Easyplant in Room

The easyplant adds nature to your room and is (really) easy to care for.

Natural Materials

A great way to embrace nature is with natural materials and textures. Include baskets, rugs, wall hangings, textiles, decor or lighting which are made with natural materials.

Final Step

After completing the steps above, be sure to finesse the space - make it your own and focus on what is calming for you.

The end result should be a calm, serene space with a neutral palette, minimally added essentials, cozy and comfortable layers and inclusion of nature.

Japandi Bedroom

Japandi Bedroom

Japandi Bedroom - Japandi Supply House
The finished Japandi bedroom.

Creating a Japandi Bedroom will give you a calming and serene place to retreat to - it can increase sleep, lower stress and improve mood. Here are the steps again to Japandi any room. 

5 Simple Steps to Japandi Any Room
  1. Assess and Clutter-free
  2. Neutral Color Base
  3. Add Minimally
  4. Keep it Cozy and Comfortable
  5. Embrace Nature

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