How to Japandi a Small Bathroom

How to Japandi a Small Bathroom

In this post:  How to solve the challenges of a small bathroom and how to apply Japandi design to the space.


Did you know the average person spends over 2 years of their life in a bathroom?

While a bathroom's primary focus is function - with so much time spent in this space - it may be time to rethink the environment. What if the bathroom could become a calming and serene place which brings enjoyment to bathroom rituals? Applying Japandi design ideas and principles to a bathroom can create this environment and provides health benefits as well.

Japandi Restorative Health Benefits
  • Enhanced Relaxation
  • Feeling of Calmness & Contentment
  • Stress Relief
Japandi Small Bathroom

A comfortable, neutral, calming Japandi bathroom that invites bathroom rituals. :)


Small Space Challenges

Now what if the bathroom is small? Small spaces have their own set of challenges.

Not enough storage, lack of window or light, clutter, and too much in the room. When you look at a small bathroom it may be very hard to envision how to solve these challenges.

Japandi helps solve these challenges by applying a few simple steps.

How to Apply Japandi to a Small Bathroom

  • Assess and Clutter-free
  • Neutral Color Base
  • Add Minimally
  • Keep it Cozy & Comfortable
  • Embrace Nature

1. Assess and Clutter-free

Assess your space. Take everything out of the room except for essentials. Essentials include fixtures, window treatments, wired lighting or furniture.

With everything out of the room, this is a great time for a deep clean (especially for bathrooms). Once completed you have a fresh view of the space, it's clutter-free and clean which does wonders for you mentally - very calming.

For a small space there are challenges, for example - storage. Keep it clutter-free, so where do we store our bathroom essentials?

In this example, we got creative. A connected, unused utility closet space was joining this bathroom. By creating custom shelving - which was an easier project than it sounds - the problem was solved. :)

 Bathroom Storage

Unused space connected to the bathroom provided an area to create bathroom storage. Simple shelves were added, fun shelf paper and essentials only keep this bathroom clutter-free.

This creative solution used unused space and keeps the bathroom clutter-free and mentally calm.

If you don't have the space to create shelves, look for organizers which are smaller, fit what you need and remember to keep it clutter-free. So beneficial to your mental health.

2. Keep it Neutral

After the room is clean and empty, look at where you can incorporate neutrals. Walls, floor, ceiling - are any changes needed to freshen the space? This room was recently painted and has updated floor tiles - both in white shades. If you want to update your walls or ceiling, check out Backdrop.

Backdrop has an amazing selection of neutral tones that make it easy to create a Japandi room.

When looking for Japandi shades, check out Backdrop's Harvest Moon, Palo Santo, Morning Ritual, Moonlight and Moonstone as favorites - but explore as they have many neutral shades.

Backdrop Paint Samples

Neutral paint tones from Backdrop, perfect for a Japandi room. Photo from Backdrop website, affiliate.

Japandi Bathroom Neutrals

This Japandi Bathroom incorporates neutrals in the fixtures, floor tiles, bathroom accessories and textiles.

3. Add Minimally

Minimalism is fundamental to Japandi. Minimalism as a design style means using the simplest and fewest elements to create the maximum effect - in Japandi that is a calming one. Minimalism in the Japandi lifestyle refers to removing clutter and distractions - to focus on essentials and what matters most.

Bathroom Accessories
Keep shelves clutter-free, add minimally essential items like scents, plants, or accessories.

Japandi Tip :)
The goal of your Japandi room is to create a space where you can take care of yourself, a space to relax.


4. Keep it Cozy & Comfortable

Bathroom Animal Bear Towels

Animal Bear Towels keep it cozy and comfortable.

Hygge is a core philosophy in Japandi - it's a mood of coziness and feeling of wellness. How do you create a cozy & comfortable Japandi bathroom? Incorporate soft textiles and be sure to remember scent.

For small bathrooms we recommend HA KO Paper Incense/Potpurri. Instead of burning the incense, leave it out in your small bathroom. The scent is fresh and it looks really pretty too. :)

Japandi Bathroom

HA KO Paper Incense - Set of 6. $55

Japandi Supply House Review: This is delicate and beautiful. It smells amazing, fresh and features neutrals, natural materials, inspiration from nature and adds calming scent.

Another idea to create a welcoming, cozy and comfortable scent is the Fern + Moss Reed Diffuser. This smells incredible, emits a bright, clean scent and the scent is always present - especially in a small space.

Fern + Moss Reed Diffuser

Fern + Moss Reed Diffuser. $42
Japandi Supply House Review: This is delicate and beautiful. It smells amazing, fresh and features neutrals, natural materials, inspiration from nature and adds calming scent.

5. Embrace Nature

Japandi design and lifestyle embrace nature - a lot. It embraces not only sustainability and natural materials, but also the imperfections in nature and life itself.

How do you embrace nature in a small Japandi bathroom? Plants, scents, and textiles inspired by nature. 

For this Japandi bathroom we embraced nature with textiles including Bear Animal Towels and the Ishikoro Pebble Bath Mat.

The Bear Animal Towels embrace nature by celebrating wild life. Each size Bear Towel features a unique design which is also reversable. The Bear Bath Towel is large enough to comfortably cover a person - we tested on a 6' 2" man and it provides plenty of coverage.

Animal Towels Bear

Animal Towel, Bear.  $12-82
Japandi Supply House Review: Super comfortable, great size of bath towel provides lots of comfortable coverage. Love the washcloth and hand towel.


The Ishikoro Pebble Bath Mat adds neutrals, comfort and embraces nature with it's unique design. Inspired by stone river beds, the Morihata Ishikoro Pebble Bath Mat has a padded texture that feels great under your feet. Made from 100% cotton, its absorbent fibers soak up water from the bath in minutes.

Japandi Bathroom

Ishikoro Pebble Bath Mat.  $82
Japandi Supply House Review: The texture feels amazing when you step on the mat. Very cushiony and drys quickly.

Creating a Japandi bathroom is easy when following our simple steps. You will reap the health benefits with increased relaxation, stress relief, and feelings of calmness and content.


Shop Japandi Bath & Body Favorites

Japandi Tip :)
Instead of having multiple types of the same product - think about what product you like the most. Your favorite conditioner and shampoo, favorite moisturizer, favorite soaps... instead of having many kinds of each focus on your favorites. You will have less clutter and great product on hand.


Claire Towel Almond
The Claire Towel, Almond Powder. $30-$72
Japandi Supply House Review: These are incredibly soft. These towels are more narrow than typical towels. They feel incredible on skin.
La Rose French Pink Clay Soap

La Rose - French Pink Clay Bar Soap. $15
Japandi Supply House Review: Smells great, is so moisturizing and creates a lovely lather.


Plant Fiber Soap Dish
Plant Fiber Soap Dish - White. $20
Japandi Supply House Review: we absolutely love this. It's made from plants and biodegradable and looks amazing in your bathroom.


Organic Washcloths

Organic Cotton Washcloths. $20
Japandi Supply House Review: These feel so great on your skin. They hold up amazing after washing, lovely washcloth.


Shop Japandi Bath & Body Colection


Creating a Japandi bathroom has so many positive benefits! Try creating your own Japandi bathroom.

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