Create your own Japandi bathroom

Reap the health benefits of increased relaxation, stress relief, and feelings of calmness and comfort during your daily rituals! Here are tips to create your own Japandi restorative retreat.

Empty Bathroom

1. Assess and get Clutter-free

Assess your space. Take everything out of the room except for essentials.

Essentials include fixtures, window treatments, wired lighting or furniture.

With everything out of the room, it's deep clean time. Once finished you have a fresh, clutter-free space.

Bathroom cabinet and towels

2. Keep it Neutral

Japandi focuses on layers of neutral colors. Neutral colors include shades of whites, greys, and browns. View your space and see where you can bring neutral colors in - ceiling, walls, floor.

Time to Paint? Checkout Backdrop, our favorite paint.

Japandi Paint Shades
Sasawashi Bath Mat, Morihata

3. Add Minimally

Minimalism, fundamental to Japandi, means using the simplest and fewest elements, removing clutter and distractions to create a calming space. Focus on functional essentials.

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Fern + Moss Diffuser

4. Cozy & Comfortable

Hygge, a core philosophy in Japandi - it's a mood of coziness and feeling of wellness. How do you create a cozy & comfortable Japandi bathroom? Incorporate soft textiles and be sure to remember scent.

One of our favorites scents, the Fern + Moss Diffuser from Brooklyn Candle Studio.

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Mini Planter

5. Embrace Nature

Japandi embraces nature. Nature's sustainability, materials and it's imperfections. Be sure to add plants to your Japandi rooms. Plants bring so many benefits to your space.

Even small plants. :)

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