The Japandi ethos of minimalism & simplicity, neutral colors, comfort and embracing nature - in both interior design and lifestyle - creates spaces and daily rituals that invite calmness and serenity.

Interior Design & Mental Health

The link between elements in interior design and mental health (namely stress, anxiety and depression) is well documented. 

Sunlight, openness, color, decor, plants, furnishings, textiles - every element has an impact on the mood the room evokes. Add to this we’ve all spent more time than ever in our homes over the past couple years, it’s very important that we be purposeful in designing our interior spaces. 

When we look at Japandi, it uses elements in a way that’s naturally calming - and here’s why.

chair in room with plant and light

Minimalism & Simplicity

A cluttered space is a chaotic space. Clutter can increase stress, affect anxiety levels, affect sleep and your ability to focus.

Instead of clutter, utilize the Japandi fundamentals of minimalism and simplicity. Keep furnishings and decor to only essentials, with a focus on function.

Neutral color palette in living room

Neutral Colors

Layering different shades of neutrals creates calm, serene Japandi interiors. In regards to mental health, shades of grey help sooth the anxious and invoke feelings of calmness. Whites are associated with pureness and clarity.

The Japandi color palette includes layers of neutrals, greenery from nature, natural light and black accent (optional).

HA KO incense, photo Morihata

Cozy & Comfortable

Japandi is based, in part, on the Danish concept of Hygge. Hygge when stated simply means to create a warm, cozy atmosphere while enjoying the moment.

Create cozy and comfortable daily moments by layering soft textiles, using scent for mood, and keeping spaces warm and inviting with minimal decor.

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Plant in Pot

Embrace Nature

Japandi creates mentally calming, serene living by including house plants, or nature of some kind. Plants have so many mental and emotional health benefits.

House Plant Benefits
- Reduced anxiety & depression
- Increased production & creativity
- Enhanced air quality
- Better concentration & memory

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The Japandi Lifestyle

People like Elaine St. James can expound on how to simplify your life and the benefits that it provides, but essentially it’s the concept that our lives are so complicated these days that you can become overwhelmed. By embracing simplicity, you’re able to cut out a lot of unnecessary complications and focus on what really matters to you.

Most people connect simplicity with choosing to buy and earn/work less, which is indeed a core concept.  However, you can incorporate simplicity into your life other ways too.

clothing hanging on rack

Japandi Wardrobe

For example, looking at a closet full of (probably way too much) clothing is overwhelming.  Different colors, materials, seasonal pieces, etc. are common in a typical closet.  A way to embrace simplicity here is to adopt a Japandi wardrobe.

Fewer, better quality items. Neutral color palette so you can easily mix and match all pieces. Layers for wear all year round.

Now a trip to the closet to pick your outfit becomes far less overwhelming, and putting together an outfit is simple. With this you’ve reigned in some of the chaos in life simply by simplifying your wardrobe.

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Soap and soap dish

Natural Products

As with interiors, Japandi lifestyle embraces nature.  While there are limitless ways to embrace nature in life, Japandi lifestyle focuses on the products that you put on, in or near yourself.

Skin is permeable to all chemicals, so whatever you’re putting on your skin penetrates the skin and ends up in the blood stream (given at trace amounts).  With this in mind, Japandi places an emphasis on using products that have all of the good - without the bad.  Soaps and body washes, lotions and other personal care items are both natural and gentle.

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Morihata Green Tea

Enjoy the Moment

Japandi embraces and enjoys the moment.

There are a lot of ways to - say - drink tea. A common way would be to stick a cup in the microwave and take it on the run. The Japandi way would be to brew up a nice pot, have a seat in a cozy chair - and enjoy the moment.  

The Japandi lifestyle adds time into your day to take time to yourself - even if that means doing nothing :).  This is a great way to decompress, get focused and keep the stress down.

Japandi Tea

In both interior design and lifestyle, Japandi has so many positive effects on your mental health - we've experienced it personally. Incorporate Japandi into your day to day and enjoy calm, serene living.

Japandi Supply House is dedicated to calm, serene living. Japandi inspires deep breathes and peaceful feelings. We curate the thoughtfully designed, harder-to-find, next level cozy in Japandi lifestyle and home decor.

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