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Plush Towel Set

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Featuring 6 high-performance terry towels with a cotton jacquard border and classy, minimalistic design, our Plush Towel Set is soft and quick to dry. Make post-shower towel time feel like a deluxe spa retreat.

Sunday Citizen's materials and manufacturing are of the highest standards, but as a direct to consumer, they keep their operation lean and pass on the savings to you. Sunday Citizen makes their own fabric blends so that they are radically soft, durable, fine, and practical. They aren't just comfortable; they create comfort. Every item is tested to make sure it can withstand the nuances of modern life and be loved for years and years. Sunday Citizen strives to keep their production sustainable and eco-friendly.

Plush-Towel-Set Plush-Towel-Set Plush-Towel-Set

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