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Haori Jacket Edomoji | Noragi | Indigo

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Truly Japandi - the design of this jacket features the kanji character for "wabi" in the front and the kanji character for  "sabi" in the back. Both are in edomoji, a Japanese lettering style with a long history.

Dyed using traditional Japanese dyeing techniques, this jacket has a nuanced color known as "Japan blue." 

Meticulously made by skilled artisans who weave history and tradition, highlight your uniqueness with this gem of a piece that embodies the Japanese aesthetics of zen and wabi-sabi.

Master Craftsmanship seeks to go beyond the barriers of culture and have people throughout the world discover and experience the true values and the potential of genuine work created by Japanese masters. Master Craftsmanship garments are superior quality - we know from experience. 🤩

Haori-Jacket-Edomoji Haori-Jacket-Edomoji Haori-Jacket-Edomoji Haori-Jacket-Edomoji