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In this post we will review Kimono Style Jackets by Master Craftsmanship.  

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About Master Craftsmanship

Master Craftsmanship Master Craftsmanship products include Fashion & Accessories, and Home & Kitchen - all masterfully created in Japan.

Master Craftsmanship is a Japanese brand that connects Japan with the rest of the world - allowing the global community access to highly crafted Fashion and Home products.  Products are crafted by bonafide Japanese masters - and it shows.

Master Craftsmanship product range from sake bottles, knives, teapots to incredible jackets and kimonos, which we’ll dig into now.

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We Love Master Craftsmanship Kimono Style Jackets

The kimono is a traditional garment of Japan.  It can take many forms and embellishments, so there’s a really wide range of kimonos out there.

Master Craftsmanship Kimonos
A selection of Master Craftsmanship Kimonos.

We love kimonos because they’re really flexible and add an interesting style to a wardrobe.  You can wear kimonos over a t-shirt, button-up or even a hoodie - so you can really wear these all year.  But, as with everything, quality matters - and Master Craftsmanship delivers.

Master Craftsmanship fuses traditional Japanese techniques with a modern fashion.  We’ll review two kimonos that we personally wear.

Master Craftsmanship Kimono Denim Jacket
Master Craftsmanship Kimono Denim Jacket
Master Craftsmanship Kimono Denim Jacket

The Kimono Denim Jacket is an anytime piece.

Kimono Denim Jacket - Long Sleeve

This piece is really, really well-crafted in Japan and can take years and years of wear.  It’s made of Japanese Denim and is a fusion of traditional garments - kimono, haori and noragi.

The two hidden pockets are nice and deep, and don’t affect the contour of the jacket.  The front tie comes in handy too.

Sizes: Small - Extra Large
Gender: Neutral
Price: $156.00
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Black Kimono

 The Haori Jacket (Japan Black) is an all year light jacket that can be layered.

Haori Jacket Long Sleeve - Kimono Style

This is a lightweight Kimono style jacket made from a weaved fabric using traditional Japanese techniques.  It’s super soft and easy to move in - you might not even notice that it’s on as you move about.  

The fabric itself is super Japandi.  It’s made of yarn with fine knots called Nep, which creates an uneven thickness. This unevenness results in a soft, textured, naturally beautiful fabric.

This can also be dressed up or down.  I’ve worn it to an Opera House and a Diner - it can go anywhere.

Size: Small - Extra Large
Gender: Neutral
Price: $165.00
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A Japandi Brand

Master Craftsmanship embodies Japandi.  Their products display time-honored Japanese techniques and simple, natural beauty.  The craftsmanship is superior - so items are made to last and age with wear.  The Kimonos themselves are very Japandi, contributing a functional layer to your wardrobe.

Master Craftsmanship also follows the Japandi ethos of sustainability in reducing the amount of water and chemicals used during production.


Check out Master Craftsmanship's complete line of Fashion & Accessories and Home & Kitchen wear.

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