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Umezawa Wooden Sunoko Hinoki Bath Mat

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A perfect addition to your Japandi bathroom - this product is called sunoko, which is a Japanese-style wooden bath mat made of hinoki cypress and usually placed on a bathroom floor to prevent you from slipping. Hinoki is resistant to moisture, bacteria, and mold, so it is ideal to use in a humid place and guarantees a lifetime of use if it is properly maintained.

Japanese Taste’s mission is to bring you the best of Japan to your home. This means offering you high-quality products that have been carefully hand-selected by their team. They also strive to select products that are built on an admiration and respect of Japanese culture, and that are reflective of Japanese tradition and culture.

Umezawa-Wooden-Sunoko-Hinoki-Bath-Mat Umezawa-Wooden-Sunoko-Hinoki-Bath-Mat