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Origami Bendable Tin Plate⁠

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Fold them or bend them like paper, or smooth them out to their original form. Turn them into any shape you want, any number of times. 🤩⁠

This unparallelled product is the result of traditional techniques so sophisticated that only less than ten craftsmen in Japan can make these plates. ⁠

Tin is flattened and rolled many times, after which a craftsman hammers the tin to minimize deterioration due to bending and stretching. The tin sheet rhythmically hammered by a skilled craftsman contains multiple layers of metal one on top of the other like fibers, which reduce the degree of metal fatigue brought about by bending and stretching.⁠

The design features hammer marks that resemble piles of snow on a clear day. Because the pattern is made when a craftsman hammers the tin, hammering not only makes the tin stronger from bending and stretching – the design is created by the appreciation of the material. ⁠

We love these plates in a Japandi home - the tin is durable, the design is minimal and appreciates the wear of the hammered tin, these plates are functional for so many uses. ⁠

Available in 3 sizes – 13cm (5.1inch), 18cm (7inch), and 24cm (9.4inc).
*Not suitable for: microwave, dishwasher, dryer.⁠ Material: Tin⁠

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