Updated January 9, 2022

Brands We Love

We seek out and share products and brands we love. We find companies who make special Japandi goods, who are thoughtful about the environment, and can be harder-to-find.

Japandi Supply House may, or may not, have a business relationship (wholesaler, affiliate, etc.) with these brands.

These are products we use in our homes, recommend to our families, and to you - our friends. :)


In this post we will review the furniture company, noho, based out of New Zealand.  

Relationship: Affiliate

About noho

noho makes flexible, versatile chairs that are built to last a lifetime.

"At noho, we think furniture should look and feel good while doing good for our planet, too."

noho was born in Aotearoa New Zealand. Noho - from the language of the indigenous Māori - means to sit, stay, dwell, live. noho's passion is changing the expectation of what furniture can and should do. For our home, health and environment.

noho furniture is manufactured in New Zealand ensuring sustainability in their supply chain, and allowing for production powered with 82 percent renewable energy.

Noho Why is noho Japandi?

noho moveTM chairs are Japandi in their minimalist and comfortable design, colors, materials and in the company's passion for the environment.

Noho Why We Love noho

I recently moved my office to a different room. With that, I did a clean out/clutter out and stripped down to just what I need for function. The office is still in process but as of now contains a desk, two clothes racks, a small wooden side table and a chair I am borrowing from our dining room. That is where noho comes in.

I am so inspired by the thought of a comfortable chair that moves with me, gives me structure when working or movement when taking a moment to collect my thoughts. noho spent thousands of hours researching how we move in order to make this dynamic chair.


noho moveTM chairs come in two colors - Cloud (White) and Ironsand (Black). The chairs also have optional toppers - which are a material covering available in five colors.

noho moveTM chairs are Japandi additions to your room and can be used in your dining room, office, entry way, living space and any space where seating is needed.

The Gist

My noho moveTM chair arrived and I have happily been enjoying it for almost 6 months now. It is my desk chair and provides me comfort for throughout a work day which ranges from 4-6 hours seated in a chair.

noho chair in office

The packaging is a showcase of thoughtful design. Custom packaging made to fit the shape of the chair - really stellar. The chair includes instructions and is very easy to understand and assemble. The directions are very friendly and the entire process is very positive.


We highly recommend the noho moveTM chair as a comfortable seat for your desk, dining, or accent seating in any Japandi room.


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