Indoor Shoes For Your Japandi Home

Indoor Shoes For Your Japandi Home

Keep your feet happy and your space Japandi with house shoes.


Leave your shoes, troubles and dirt at the door with Japandi House Shoes.

Yucky Fact !
The average shoe sole is covered in 421,000 bacteria and 90% of that bacteria transfers directly to a clean tile floor.


Better to leave the germs and shoes at the door by incorporating Japandi house shoes into your daily living.

Japandi house shoes feature minimal and comfortable design and are made with natural materials and available in neutral colors.

Japandi House Shoes / Japandi Elements

  • Minimal & Comfortable Design
  • Neutral Color Palettes
  • Natural Materials

Indoor Slides - Latte - Japandi Supply House Comfortable and neutral color - House Slides in Beige.

Japandi Benefits / Happy Feet

Relax your feeet, get comfortable and keep your feet happy. Wearing indoor slides provides indoor support and comfort, prevents injuries and accidents and keeps your feet in top shape.

  • Indoor Support and Comfort
  • Prevents Injury and Accidents
  • Keeps Your Feet in Top Shape

Bring Japandi fundamentals into your home by removing your shoes at the door. Following are examples of Japandi indoor shoes, shoe trays and guest slippers.

Japandi Tip !
Keep a shoe tray by the door to encourage shoe removal. Really step-up by having guest slippers available.


Shoe Trays

3 Pair Shoe Tray - Japandi Supply House

Dark Rubber Boot Tray / $65

Color: Dark and Black
Dimensions: 3-Pair | 34" x 14" x 1.5" (L x W x H)
The Dark Rubber Rubber Boot Tray is a premium, heavy-duty, waterproof tray made of natural and recycled rubber featuring a classic scroll design. Added to that is an easily removable insert. The insert is woven from natural coconut fiber and the waterproof tray is made from recycled rubber.


House Slippers

House Slippers with Grips / $20

Color: Green, Cloud, Charcoal
Care: Machine Washable
These House Slipper Socks with Grips have been a best seller in Japan for over 60 years. These House Slipper Socks are extra comfortable with a soft, knit fabric inside. The soles are covered with grips to prevent slipping.


House Slides

Terrelique Indoor Slides | Japandi Supply House

Indoor Slides - Black / $52

Color: Black
Material: Recycled and Recyclable Plastic
House Slides have a massaging foot bed which absorbs shock and gives your feet support indoors. Cozy up and add socks during colder months. The House Slides are made from recycled plastic making it a slide you can feel good about.

Keep your feet happy and your space Japandi with indoor shoes.

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