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DIY: Make Your Own Japandi Desk

In this post we show you how to make a Japandi 8' Standing Desk for under $350.

We're in the process of creating a Japandi home and updating room to room as we go. When assessing a room we review:

• What can we can keep?
• What can be refurbished?
• What can we create?
• What needs to be purchased?

For the Japandi Office we needed a long, wide desk with standing height preferred. After time shopping and not finding the desk we needed - we decided to build our own.

The Japandi 8' Standing Desk features minimal design, natural materials and serves a specific function in our office.

Finished Desk - Japandi Supply House
The finished Japandi 8' Standing Desk.

How to Build a Japandi Desk

Cost: $327.47
Time: Few Hours (plus drying time)
Material: Iron Legs, Spruce/Pine Wood Board
Dimensions: 96" x 30" x 41" (L x D x H)

Determine Size

While this post shows a standing desk, you can make your desk any size. Think about what you need from your desk. How much desk area do you need? What height is best for you - whether seated or standing? What size desk fits well in your space without over crowding?

Supply Run

Shopping list for the desk - $119.49

Wood Top 96" x 30"
• Finish of Choice (we used satin clear polyurethane)
• Lint Free Towels
• Cheesecloth
• Screws (need to fit legs)

Ordered Online from local company (they ship everywhere) - $207.98*

• Leveling Hairpin Legs - 40" Height

*Price varies by height - 12" to 42"

Basic Tools Needed (you probably have)

• Measuring Tape
• Sand Paper / Sanding Machine
• Drill

Supply Run - Japandi Supply House

Short list makes it a quick supply run.

Japandi Tip !
When selecting the desk top - be sure to examine the wood for warps, dings, or splits - look for the nicest piece.


Desk Building - Japandi Supply House

Supplies include finish of your choice (we used a rub on poly), cheesecloth (for lint free wiping), towels for application, and screws. Measuring tape is part of tools you usually have - if not, a ruler could work here too.

Desk Top - Japandi Supply House

The board is left unstained to show its natural grain.

Desk Legs - Japandi Supply House

Determine the height of your desk, there are common sizes you will find for both seated or standing. Decide on the leg material of choice - we went for black matte iron legs and found online from a local company.

Sanding Desk - Japandi Supply House

The desk top needs to be sanded. This can be completed with sand paper or a sanding machine. If you don't typically have sand paper on hand - be sure to add this to your shopping list.

Setup Desk - Japandi Supply House

Setup your desk top, legs and supplies on a drop cloth in the office.

Wood Grain - Japandi Supply House

The wood grain on this desk top highlights natures imperfections.

Position Legs - Japandi Supply House

After selecting the best side for the top, flip the table and position the legs to prepare for measuring and drilling.

Japandi Tip !
Before installing legs - check the wood to determine which side is best for the desktop.


Measure - Japandi Supply House

Measure and mark before screwing the legs into position.

Lint Free - Japandi Supply House

Flip the table and wipe the desk top and sides to prepare for finish coating.

Supplies - Japandi Supply House
Supplies to start the finishing.

Finish Coating - Japandi Supply House
Use a lint free towel to apply the finish - in this case a wipeable natural finish poly.

Sides - Japandi Supply House
Be sure to apply finish to the sides of the desk.

Finish Desk - Japandi Supply House
After the product recommended drying time, apply the second coat.

Desk Drying - Japandi Supply House
Allow the desk to dry completely.

Finished Desk - Japandi Supply House
The desk is completed! The process took a few hours (plus drying time) and the cost was $327.

The finished desk is 8' long allowing to allow for a computer station and packaging station. The desk is 30" deep providing ample space to stay clutter-free. The desk is 41" H providing for a comfortable height while working in the office space. The process above can be customized to meet your needs.

Japandi Desk - Japandi Supply House

The finished Japandi 8' Standing Desk.

The Japandi 8' Standing Desk features minimal design, natural materials and is completely functional.  

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